Turning Technology Into A Powerful Educational Tool

There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to research on how technology is impacting children’s brains. You can hand an iPad to an infant and they are not only transfixed by the bright lights, but they seem to know instinctively how to use the touchscreen. There are pros and cons to our children having constant access to technology, and some of the effects may not become clear for decades to come.
Research shows that children with excessive access to handheld technologies like cell phones and tablets are more likely to experience obesity, mental illness, and addiction amongst other things. While it’s critical that we are aware of children’s access to such devices, there are many ways in which technology has enhanced childhood education beyond what we might have imagined.

Individualized Student Education
In many classrooms it is difficult for teachers to truly provide individualized learning opportunities because all students learn differently and succeed or struggle in different areas. By introducing new technologies into the classroom, a room full of students all using the same software, are able to work at different speeds and focus on whichever topic they need the most help with.

Education Outside Of The Classroom
By placing innovative and exciting curriculum directly into students hands, in the interface they are already attracted to, you increase the chance of students engaging with the topics after they leave the classroom. With the creation of free apps that turn learning outcomes into games, your child may be more engaged in his or her schoolwork than ever before.

Closing The Stem Gender Gap
It has long been the case that more men enter into technology fields than women. For decades there are have been conversations taking place about how to get young women interested in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. By getting young girls playing and engaging with technology at a young age there is a better chance of them continuing to pursue it into higher education, and eventually into their professional careers. Closing the STEM gap now will help it continue to narrow in a decade or more as your children move into their careers.

Our world is becoming more technological all the time, and it is important that our children have access to learning new technologies so that they are prepared for a future workforce that will be much more automated and technological than what we see now. At St. Barnabas Episcopal School we are committed to providing students with a highly technological education. This year we used gifts from our Annual Fund campaign to purchase new Chromebooks so that all of our students can have access to new learning tools. We are proactive in balancing time spent on technology and time spent in traditional educational methods so that your student has the best of both worlds.

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