From kindergarten through middle school, the faculty and staff at St. Barnabas Episcopal School are committed to providing quality education and character development for your children.

K4 and Kindergarten

Our Bible-based curriculum correlates with our monthly Fruit of the Spirit and life skills. Daily Bible stories are read, along with prayer at morning, snack, and lunch. We begin with the Fruit of love, and add one more each month, giving the students opportunities each day to learn, write, read, practice, and eventually live out these traits.


Students focus on the faithfulness of God and how He always keeps His promises. Each week a Bible Story and Biblical truths are shared. Our study begins in Genesis with the Creation and covers key stories and passages in both the Old and New Testaments. Church Holy Days such as the Advent and Lenten seasons are discussed and celebrated. Activities and additional media help children comprehend and apply Biblical truths. Character development is taught through the teaching of The Fruit of the Spirit with a different fruit emphasized each month.


Middle School Christian Education class is a safe place for students to explore their faith, purpose, identity and passions. Students delve into the gospel of Jesus Christ and discover what it is, what it has to do with us, and why it really is “good news.” They see that the truth of this gospel message is relevant to our everyday lives as students, friends, and members of our family and community. 

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At SBES, we want all students to aspire for their own personal best. This starts with welcoming parents into the day in the life of an SBES student. Together, parent and child are able to observe and explore the variety of activities available to our students. Come and explore for yourself.
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