The Importance of Athletics: Why St. Barnabas Offers More

Here at St. Barnabas Episcopal School, we have a strong reputation for having top-tier academic programs and students who excel academically in various environments. But academic learning isn’t the only priority we have here on campus. For years we’ve seen the benefits of our athletic programs and other extracurriculars on students’ academic performance and on their social and emotional learning. For this reason, we have prioritized our athletic offerings to the extent that we have more options available for students than any other school in Volusia County.

Some believe that there are athletic people and non-athletic people. And while there may be some truth to that belief at St. Barnabas, we think all students can benefit from physical education and the widely varying opportunities it provides students. Below you’ll see some of the many essential factors in a healthy athletic program and how students can reap the advantages in every area of their lives.

Teamwork And Problem-Solving 

Sometimes school can feel like an individual activity. Each student arrives in the morning with a goal of achieving their best, and ultimately their grades depend on their individual performance. However, in the real world, we know that the ability to work on a team to solve complex problems is a hugely important skill that employers look for in their top-performing employees. What better way to learn how to work effectively on a team than by playing a team sport? From soccer to basketball or anything in between, students get experience communicating their needs, asking for support, and solving problems alongside their teammates.

Physical Health 

Even adults who spend their days sitting at desks at work need physical activity in their lives to feel motivated and excited to work each day. It makes sense that the same would be true for children. Of course, we prioritize academic learning, but kids also need exercise and creative play opportunities to boost their physical health and make them feel excited about learning. Even if your child isn’t interested in group sports, there’s so much benefit to ensuring that they get regular exercise to maintain their physical health and their ability to perform in the classroom.


Learning is hard. We know that sounds trite, but the only way our children grow academically, emotionally, or physically is by submitting to challenging situations. After a long day of trying to understand long division or memorize the details of the American Civil War, students need an opportunity to build their self-esteem. Participating in athletics and other extracurriculars can help them feel productive and successful in the midst of a challenging academic day.

Stress Reduction

There is a lot of pressure on students these days. Fortunately, at St. Barnabas, we do not have to spend our time teaching to tests like our public school counterparts do. However, even without state tests looming over their heads, many students still experience anxiety in their education. Athletics and other extracurriculars are an excellent way for students to burn off some steam with their friends and release the stress of a stressful day.

At St. Barnabas Episcopal School, we’ve developed a reputation for being the top private school in our area. We are very proud of that reputation, but we also want our parents and community members to know that our students’ well-roundedness is equally as important to us as their academic prowess. That’s why we pour so much of our time and resources into developing full and engaging extracurriculars. Contact our office today if you’d like to learn more about the non-academic offerings at Saint Barnabas. We would love to help you however we can.

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