3 Ways Your Child Can Benefit From Participation In Sports

There are many benefits to allowing your child to participate in organized sports. While you may not look forward to playing chauffeur to games and practices, it can have a positive impact on your child’s life in many ways.
Here are three of the benefits your child may experience through participation in sports;

Build Interpersonal Skills
By joining a sports team, your child will have the opportunity to make new friends with children that have common interests. In many cases, the children on your child’s team may be with them for years to come as they continue to play that sport together. Beyond simply making friends, your child will also learn a lot about sportsmanship and teamwork, two important skills that will benefit them greatly later in life. Building interpersonal skills and learning to work with others, regardless of whether or not they like them, will come in handy both in school and later in their professional lives.

Pursue Their Interests
Sports can be a great creative and athletic outlet for most kids. Giving them a break from academic responsibilities while exercising, making friends, and using up all of their pent up energy can make for much happier children. In order to keep this outlet enjoyable, it’s important to allow your child to choose which sports to participate in. Just because you played basketball when you were a child, or they’ve been playing soccer for two years, doesn’t mean that they have to continue in that sport and can’t try something new.

Whether it’s in addition to or instead of another sport, it’s important for kids to have the opportunity to try a variety of sports so that it doesn’t become a chore that they’re stuck with long term. You can teach your child responsibility by making them stick out the season, but without taking all of the fun out of sports by forcing them to continue in something that they no longer enjoy once the season is over.

Develop Their Character
When your child’s sports team operates like real life (i.e. not everyone wins), your child will learn how to deal with real life situations. Working hard towards a goal, not giving up when things get tough, and learning to win and lose graciously are all important skills that everyone should acquire. While it can be tough for you to see your child deal with disappointment, it’s an excellent opportunity for them to learn that they are not defined by perceived failure and that they can and should persevere through it.

At St. Barnabas Episcopal School we understand the value of physical education and athletic opportunities for your student. This is why we strive to offer a wide variety of sports offerings; more than any other elementary and middle school in Volusia County. We believe in the importance of providing your student with an environment that supports all of their interests, not just academics. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a tour.

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