How Private School Promotes Student Engagement

Most parents want the same general things from their children’s school experience. You want them to be successful academically and socially, and that requires one simple thing: engagement. That’s right, if your child slinks back and avoids participating in the classroom or in relationships it will be much harder for them to succeed in either. Of course, this is easier said than done for some students. Some people are innately shier or naturally struggle with certain subjects. However, by encouraging engagement we can ensure they don’t slip through the cracks.
Not Just A Number
In large public schools, it is far too difficult for teachers to really spend the amount of time and energy they want to focus on each individual student. And that’s not their fault. Imagine teaching five or six class periods a day with 20-30 students in each class, it is a miracle that teachers are able to remember all of their names. This is one reason we see some of the best and brightest teachers leaving public schools for the community feeling of a private school. Plus, when students feel seen and acknowledged they’re more likely to engage with their studies and be more successful in the long run.

Figuring Out Friendships
Teachers aren’t the only people struggling to keep up with all of the kids in each classroom. When your child has seven classes a day and dozens of classmates, it can be difficult to find their social niche. And when children don’t feel connected to the people in their community, they’re less likely to get engaged. Friendships are developmentally important and will continue to be throughout a person’s life. If your student is struggling to make healthy and lasting friendships in their public school, consider transferring them to the smaller, more intimate community of a private school.

Nowhere To Hide
When your student is in a class that is right-sized to meet their needs academically and socially there’s simply nowhere for them to hide. It’s as simple as that. Their teachers and their classmates can see and step in when they’re falling behind or not participating. To be an engaged member of a community you have to have a willingness to be vulnerable, and private school classrooms encourage vulnerability and promote healthy engagement from all students.

School choice is an important and private family matter, and we encourage you to choose whichever school is the best fit for your students. However, we see over and over again how the safety and security of a private school community help children to succeed on many different levels. If you have a child who is struggling and you think that school may be the culprit, give us a call today. We’d love to share real examples of how the St. Barnabas community has helped students find their place.

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