Your Checklist for Finding the Right Fit for a Private Education

If you’re a parent considering a private education for your child, you can find a plethora of information about schools simply by visiting their websites and reading through admissions materials. However, nothing can be more valuable during this process than physically visiting the school and the personal interactions that you have with the teachers, students, and parents of the school.

To help ensure that you are choosing the right school to give your child the best private education possible, we recommend walking through this checklist as you tour the school:

  • 1) The school has a positive reputation in the community.
  • 2) The mission and philosophy of the school align with my child’s interests, needs, and passions.
  • 3) The school will be flexible in working with our family.
  • 4) The school fosters an environment for students to want to become lifelong learners.
  • 5) The students at the school are friendly and seem enthusiastic about what they’re learning.
  • 6) The teachers and staff are experienced and take the personal development of students to heart.
  • 7) The school offers a safe and secure environment, and these security measures are evident just from visiting the school.
  • 8) Graduates seem to excel once they leave the school, whether it be admission to a respected private high school or scholarships to college.
In addition to making your way through this checklist to ensure the school is the right fit for your child, the admissions team at the school should also connect prospective students with children and other parents of the school that can share their experiences.
When talking to existing students and families at the school, be sure to ask them what they appreciate most about the school and why they feel it’s worth attending.

If you’re new to the community and are wanting a private education for your child, be sure to talk to your co-workers and HR department about which schools tend to develop the most successful kids.

For those that already live in the community and are considering a private education for their children, some good points of reference for school recommendations could include anyone from neighbors to pediatricians to little league coaches.

In summary, while there’s so much literature about a school that you can find online or read in a brochure, nothing compares to hearing first-hand from students and families about their experiences with the school. Choosing your child’s school is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, so you owe it to your family to carefully do your research.

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