Why Starting Private Education At An Early Age Is So Important

While many parents have already made the decision that a private school education is the best route for their children, some may not be certain about when this path should begin. Truth be told, if you really want to get the most out of your child’s education and best prepare him or her for the future, you need to enroll your child in private school as early as possible (Pre-K and Kindergarten).
Here are some reasons why beginning private education for your child at an early age is most beneficial:

Establishes a foundation for strong academic performance early on.

The early years (Pre-K through third grade) are an especially critical time in your child’s education as that is when he or she will learn essential skills such as reading, writing, and fundamental math. Private schools tend to offer a smaller class size, which means that your child will receive more one-on-one attention and support from teachers, which will help to establish strong skills in these key academic areas. If your child is able to really master these important skills early on, he or she is much more likely to have a successful academic future.

Fosters an environment for high achievers from the beginning.

Teachers in a private school setting have very high expectations of their students, and this is no different in the Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom. Parents that choose to give their children a private education also help to solidify these high expectations, which really helps to foster an environment for high achievers at an early age.

Provides for a stable education experience.

Parents that choose to go the public school route often find themselves navigating zoning changes and interrupting their child’s education by having to move him or her to the new re-zoned school. Instead, choosing a private school that offers a Pre-K through 8th grade education experience like St. Barnabas Episcopal School provides for a stable educational foundation that offers continuity in the methods of hands-on teaching, training, and guidance.

Offers a close-knit community.

Many parents choose to invest in their children’s’ education early on, meaning that the enrolled students are often together from Pre-K through 8th grade. These friendships and connections can really help to mold your child into the person that he or she will eventually become, and the longevity of these relationships will also contribute to a stable educational environment.

While most experts would agree that starting your child in a private school path as early as possible is best, it’s of course not a requirement for your child to have a successful private education. If you are currently considering going the private education route for your child, we invite you to contact us at St. Barnabas Episcopal School to learn more about how we can provide your child with a strong academic foundation at any age, from preschool through eighth grade.


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