Why So Many Teachers Want To Work In Private Schools

Over the last few years the State of Florida has seen a lot of conflict between teachers and school boards regarding pay, hours worked, and classroom size. For these reasons and others, there are more and more teachers who want to work in a private school. Private schools have many well-researched benefits for students, but the benefits for teachers are part of the fabric that makes the public school community so desirable.
Work-Life Balance
The life of a teacher can be very busy. Not only do they work all day in the exhausting role of managing a group of other people’s children, but the work doesn’t end as the kids go home. Teachers spend their evenings and weekends developing lesson plans grading papers and often buying supplies for their classrooms. In private school a combination of smaller class sizes and strong community support allows teachers to develop a better sense of work-life balance. When your child’s teacher is living a healthy and balanced life, your student reaps the benefits.

Opportunities For Growth
Sometimes the word small can have a negative connotation, but in communities small connotes intimacy. In large public schools where teachers are competing for scarce resources, it is far too easy for talented and passionate teachers to get lost in the mix. But in the small, intimate environment of a private school, all of the teachers can be seen and known by the administrators who make decisions about their future. That shy teacher who isn’t always good at advocating for herself is recognized for her ability to connect with students and her skills can be nurtured.

Meaningful Bonds With Faculty and Students
The ability to be known in your community, which comes hand and hand with intimate small groups, is valuable to both students and teachers. We talk a great deal about the benefits of small classrooms for students. And teachers certainly benefit by having fewer students to manage each day. But teachers, students, and administrators all benefit because they are able to forge strong and meaningful connections within the community. As human beings we are built to connect with one another, and when teachers have the opportunity to bond with their students and colleagues, everyone benefits.

As parents you want your children to be in a positive and engaging environment. And there is no better way to ensure that than to educate them in an environment with teachers who are happy, well-supported, and growing. If you’re interested in the many benefits private school offers to all the members of their communities, contact us today and we’ll happily give you a tour of campus and introduce you to some of our passionate and engaged teachers.

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