Why So Many Families Choose Private School for Summer Camp

Summer vacation is a great opportunity for families to spend quality time together, take trips to see family or visit new and exciting parts of the world. But, for many working parents, the need to find something engaging for your children to do is pressing.
While you could spend a little bit of money each week hiring a babysitter, or hope for the goodwill of your in-laws to provide free childcare this summer, many parents elect to enroll their children in high-quality and engaging summer camps at their local private school.

At St. Barnabas we offer a number of excellent summer learning opportunities, and our families love that their children can continue to benefit from the private school education experience even during their summer break. Here is a sampling of the excellent summer camps offered at St. Barnabas School.

Exciting Enrichment Camps
Programs that enrich your child’s learning experience are a vital part of our yearlong classroom expectations, and that commitment to enrichment continues into our summer camp schedule. From language learning to science camps, our private school students engage in topics that inspire them academically. While some organizations provide babysitting and label it as summer camp, we really focus on ensuring that our students stay engaged and continue to cultivate a love for learning all year long.

Dynamic Athletic Camps
Don’t leave your students lounging in front of the television or video games all summer, sign them up for one of St. Barnabas’ athletics camps. As a private school, we boast the largest number of athletics opportunities in all of Volusia County School. Physical education is a commitment that St. Barnabas has made to our students and their families, and that commitment extends into our athletic summer camps. We offer both a Volleyball camp and a Crossfit-style camp to keep your kids moving all summer long.

Fantastic Fine Arts Camps
Another pillar in St. Barnabas’ commitment to high-quality education is our love for the arts. And this summer your student can dive right into their creative side with one of our inspiring art camps. From fine arts and performing arts to songwriting, there is definitely something to offer your most artistic child.

Working parents are always looking for something for their kids to do each summer. But too many summer camps end up being glorified daycares. Make sure your children are staying engaged and creative during the summer by signing them up for one of St. Barnabas’ summer camps. If you would like more information on how to cultivate learning in your student this summer, contact us today.

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