Why Scholarships Are So Important In Private Education

We believe in the many benefits of private education. Our students are nurtured in well-rounded and loving classrooms, their small class education ensures they get the attention they need, and they develop lifelong friendships with like-minded young boys and girls. But on the surface, the cost of private school can complicate the school’s ability to bring the best students into the classroom.
This is why we so strongly believe in providing aid for students who can flourish in our community but whose families could not otherwise afford it.

In private education, there is nearly always an element of fundraising so that we can ensure that our students get the best education and opportunities without the same government support that public schools receive. A portion of that fundraising money goes directly to scholarships for students who are new and those returning to our community. We believe family income shouldn’t determine whether a student belongs in our community.

Scholarships are tools which help drive diversity in communities like ours. They create opportunities for deserving students of all different socioeconomic situations to join our community and come into relationship with people who look or even speak differently than they do. In a world, as polarized as ours, we could learn a lesson from our students who so naturally and easily find themselves in friendship with other children.

Additionally, scholarships provide an ongoing opportunity for families who find themselves in suddenly difficult financial situations. We understand that things change in families, in our jobs, and in our entire economy and our hope is that through our scholarship program we are able to provide opportunities for families whose lives change for one reason or another.

Last year our student body raised more than $23,000 for our community and a portion of that went to provide scholarship funding for their peers. What a valuable lesson they learn in generosity and kindness. That they would participate in fundraising efforts so that their own peers could be part of this community is a beautiful thing to see. And because of their efforts, gifts made by parents, alumni, and friends our financial aid opportunities have increased and now 25% of our student bodies and beneficiaries of this generosity.

Private education scholarships are a significant benefit to our students and their families. But it’s important to note that they are also a factor in how we are able to cultivate a diverse, kind, and generous community. If you have questions about financial aid at St. Barnabas, contact us today.

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