Why Private Schools Are Often Better For Teachers

Often There are countless benefits for students who attend private schools. But students are not the only members of the community that experience those benefits. Private school is also a healthy and happy place for teachers and staff.
Small Classes
We’ve talked a lot about why small classes are beneficial to your children, but small classes make a teachers job easier too. One main problem with large classes is that, inevitably, too much time is spent managing behavior and not enough time is spent teaching. Teachers enter into this important business because they are passionate about helping your children learn and grow, and it is frustrating and exhausting to spend all of your time on discipline. Plus, small classes allow teachers to really get to know each student and cater a lesson to their particular needs. For teachers, this is a rewarding practice.

Access to Administration
A great administrator will make sure that he or she gets to know all of their teachers and staff members, but in a large school that is a really difficult practice. A great benefit for teachers working in a private school is the consistent access they have to their leaders. This ensures that teachers feel heard and valued by the people who make decisions that affect them most. This also means that administrators are able to spend time coaching teachers of effective teaching and classroom management techniques. When teachers feel listened to and are provide ample feedback with which to learn and grow, their students reap the benefits.

Strong Community
A private school community is vast, comprised of faculty, staff, students, parents and guardians, and even alumni. With the strength of that community as the backbone, teachers are not left to fend for themselves. At St. Barnabas in particular, our engaged parents support our community through the Parent Advisory Council, by volunteering in classrooms, hosting community building events, fundraising, and more. This kind of support makes work even more meaningful for teachers in private schools.

Values That Align With Their Own
Just as you and your family appreciate private school for the way it promotes the values and beliefs that mean the most to you, so do the private school teachers. Working in an environment that acknowledges and affirms your most important personal values helps employees live an authentic life. At St. Barnabas we promote a vision of faith, virtue, and excellence, and when teachers are encouraged to embody those characteristics, your children learn by example.

Your child’s teachers will forever leave a mark on them. From the way students treat one another, to tips and tricks they’re taught to help them read, each lesson contributes to the kind of people your children will become. And when teachers are happy, well-supported, and working in an environment that allows them to live their values authentically, your students reap the benefits. At St. Barnabas we pride ourselves in creating a loving and supporting environment for students and teachers alike. If you’d like your student to join the St. Barnabas community, contact us today.

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