Why Private Education Fares Well During National Emergencies

The worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 is unprecedented in modern history and has forced people out of their normal daily routines and into their homes. Restaurants, municipal offices, and even schools shut their doors in a fashion similar to what we see during hurricane season. Across the state, schools closed on a mandatory basis in order to limit the number of people gathered in one place and this left lots of people scrambling to find child care solutions and nontraditional ways to educate their children.
Everyone has been hit hard by this event, but we feel strongly that our status as a private education institution puts us in a better position than most.

We’re Small And Nimble
When leaders come together to make decisions regarding the public schools in our county, they have to find solutions that work for all 85 schools in the district. As a private school, we need only to consider our one school and all of the children and families who are a part of our community. Our solutions can be creative and targeted because we’re able to close ranks and concern ourselves with the education and care of the individual children who attend our school.

We Have Independent Resources
Another significant benefit to private education is that we have the resources and the means to make critical decisions about remote learning easily and confidently. Where large public districts have to figure out how to transmit online learning to children who may not even have personal computers, we are prepared to implement an online educational infrastructure quickly and efficiently.

We Have Each Other
It may sound overly sweet, but in times like these, we all really do need each other. In private education, we have the added benefit of having done the hard work of building community well in advance of any big national event. In fact, our community is at the core of what we do at St. Barnabas School. We can say confidently that it is our status as private educators that we’re able to continue providing excellent values-based education to our students no matter what is happening in the world.

Sometimes things happen in the world that remind us what’s most important in life. And we’re proud to have built our school squarely on the foundation of our values. Being a private school allows us to react quickly and smartly to whatever the world throws at us, all the while keeping education and values as our top priority. For more information about how you can join the St. Barnabas School community, contact us today.

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