Why Being a Band Geek is Literally the Best Thing Ever

If you judge the experience of being a “band geek” by pop culture references in movies and television it can seem like a generally unpleasant experience, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Being part of band culture is a richly rewarding experience that your student will always treasure. Cultivating music appreciation begins at an early age and can stay with your child for the rest of their life.
Academic and Cultural Benefits
Band kids learn to work as a unit, cooperate with others, and cultivate a strong work ethic. The expectations of any great band, chorus, or special ensemble teacher is that everyone pulls their weight and doesn’t let down the unit. Band and music directors can’t and won’t let anyone slack off, because it completely disrupts and disrespects the hard work of everyone else. When your child travels for choral performances or attends band camp, and if they fully embrace the band experience, there’s a level of bonding and life-long love of music that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

Beyond interpersonal skills and perseverance, the developmental and academic benefits of music education are well documented. From increased SAT scores to improved memory and spatial intelligence, your child is more likely to graduate high school and continue on to college than their non-musical counterparts. If music education begins early, it has been shown to increase IQ, coordination, organizational skills, and more. A side perk of being in band or choir, is that there’s typically a standard for behavior and academics that applies to all aspects of school, not just to their participation and performance in the rehearsal room. This can keep some kids motivated to work hard in all of their classes.

Opportunities to Travel and Have New Experiences
Band and choir students have an awesome opportunity to perform throughout their communities as well as the surrounding areas or even across the country. Travelling with like minded individuals to do something you all love is an irreplaceable experience. They’ll get to perform at a variety of venues, for a variety of audiences, and even get to participate in competitions both as individuals and as a whole group. This creates a marriage between a desire for excellence and doing something just for the love of it.

For most band geeks, the kids they meet in band are “their people”. When you find your people, you know it. You have many of the same passions, you respect your differences, and the time you spend together is always time well spent. By encouraging your child to pursue a love of music, whether it be during music class at school or through private lessons, you’ll help them to find their people and develop a lifelong love for the arts.

At St. Barnabas Episcopal School, we believe the experiences your child has during their school years can often be just as important as the academic skills they master. We seek to educate the whole child, which is why we place such an emphasis on creative expression through our fine arts (and sports) programs.

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