Why a St. Barnabas Episcopal School Education is the Best Value in Central Florida

If you’re wanting to give your child a private education but are hesitant to do so given the stereotypical high costs, think again. We recently wrote a blog post about this very subject that explains how a private education can actually be the more cost-effective path for your family in the long run.

For most parents, cost does play a role in deciding which private school to send your child to. If you’re currently considering your options for a private education in Central Florida, you’ve likely already made yourself familiar with the tuition and other costs associated with enrollment at these schools.

While St. Barnabas Episcopal School has so much to offer to students in terms of promoting academic excellence, sound moral values, and high self-esteem all within the framework of God’s love, St. Barnabas Episcopal School is one of the best values of any accredited, top-notch private schools in Central Florida.

St. Barnabas Episcopal School offers programs for PreK, elementary school, and middle school, and outlined below is an overview of our 2015-16 annual tuition for these programs:

  • PreK: $3,841 (as opposed to the area average of upwards of $6,500)
  • Kindergarten: $7,250 (as opposed to the area average of upwards of $13,000)
  • Grades 1 through 3: $7,500 (as opposed to the area average of upwards of $14,000)
  • Grades 4 through 5: $7,800 (as opposed to the area average of $14,500)
  • Grades 6 through 8: $8,300 (as opposed to the area average of $16,000)

If you compare our tuition to similar private schools in Central Florida, you’ll find that an education at St. Barnabas Episcopal School costs nearly half of what you would pay at other local private schools (in Flagler, Seminole, and Orange Counties). Despite the lower tuition, our accredited private school offers a high-quality education that is focused on cultivating the whole child by promoting the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical development of all students.

At St. Barnabas Episcopal School, we pride ourselves in offering a positive learning environment for all students. This is why we offer need-based financial aid to provide access to a high quality educational experience for qualified families (including PreK).

According to Head of School Paul Garcia, “A private education at St. Barnabas Episcopal School is the best value that money can buy in Central Florida. Not only do we challenge our students with a rigorous curriculum, but our atmosphere of Christian love helps to instill healthy moral attitudes and values in our students.”

While tuition may play a role in your decision process for choosing the right private school for your child, there are so many additional factors that should be taken into account for finding the right fit. While we can tell you about the benefits of a St. Barnabas Episcopal School education, sometimes it’s best to let our private school speak for itself. Please contact us to schedule a tour and learn why so many parents find that a St. Barnabas education is a phenomenal value.

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