When Should I Send My Child To Preschool?

As the saying goes, “the days are long, but the weeks are short.” That sentiment rings truer as the parent of a young child than it has in any previous time of your life. Before you know it, that brand new cuddly baby is running around with friends on the playground and itching to grow up, whether you like it or not. Eventually, you’ll need to decide what kind of school to send your child to, and there’s no better time than the present to begin having those conversations.
But, before you get ready to send your child off to elementary school, there is a little bit of a buffer called preschool.

As you begin researching your options, you may find varying answers to a very popular question. What age should my child begin?

Technically, It’s Up To You
Really, it is. You can send your child to preschool as early as age three or never send them at all. Some families opt to homeschool through the years leading up to kindergarten. In fact, some of those same families continue homeschooling throughout their children’s education. However, for many families homeschooling isn’t an option or a priority.

Generally, preschoolers are children aged three to four years old. While state-sponsored programs, known as Pre-Kindergarten, require children to be four years old. Then by the age of five, most children are enrolled in kindergarten. Considering all of those details, you should make the choice that works best for your family.

Is Your Child Ready?
Within that age range of “ready” children, it’s important to note specific factors regarding your child’s readiness. Some of the factors you want to consider are whether or not your child is potty trained, how well they communicate, and their ability to play well with other children. Your child’s inability to meet any of those standards could make classroom management difficult for their teachers.

If you’re unsure about whether or not your child is in the right place to begin a preschool program you should talk to your pediatrician. Additionally, you can contact someone at the school that you’re preparing to attend to determine whether or not your child is the right fit. If your child has specific developmental needs, their school should be notified of those.

Each child is different and your child may fall anywhere on the spectrum of readiness, so don’t worry. The most important thing is finding a school that fits your student’s developmental needs and the overall needs and values of your family.

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