What To Look For In A Private School Kindergarten Teacher

So, you’re about to send your child off to kindergarten. We understand this is a huge moment for you, and the first big step in their formal education. You’ve already decided that private school is the right option for your family, and you’ve probably already selected a school, but how do you know what to look for in a kindergarten teacher?
In most schools, children are assigned to their teachers, but that doesn’t mean that you as a parent can’t keep your eyes out for them and ensure that your student is in the right place. In our years of experience, we’ve learned that these three characteristics make for the best private school kindergarten teachers.

A Passion For Education
First and foremost it’s important to remember that kindergarten teachers are more than just babysitters. They are tasked with setting your children off on the right foot on their educational journey. Just as a high school Calculus teacher is responsible for teaching to specific educational standards, so too is your child’s kindergarten teacher. These early years of a child’s life are instrumental in determining how they will achieve in the future. As you begin considering the right kindergarten classroom for your child, prioritize faculty members who have a passion for and understanding of early childhood education.

The Patience Of A Saint
You know how hard it can be to wrangle your one kindergarten-aged child. Imagine spending your days wrangling a dozen or more children of the same age. At St. Barnabas School we set extremely high standards for our instructors at any grade level, but we don’t think you should just take our word for it. Ask around the community for recommendations and feedback on your child’s teacher. And when you do find a teacher who you love, remember to show them gratitude for joyfully managing a classroom full of kindergartners!

Practice Good Communication
The ability to communicate clearly with a room full of kindergartners is a valuable skill for private school kindergarten teachers. But just as important is knowing that your child’s teacher can also communicate clearly with you as a parent. At this age, your child is growing and changing quickly, and his or her kindergarten teacher will have a front row seat to that transformation. Make sure that you’re keeping abreast of any learning or behavioral changes that may occur at this point in your child’s development. A great private school teacher knows how to keep an open line of communication with parents at all times.

Private school is an excellent first step in your child’s education. With small class sizes and excellent teachers on their side, children flourish in this environment. If you’re having trouble finding the teacher, or the school that is the right fit for your family, contact us today. We’d love to share more with you about St. Barnabas School family.

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