What to Expect When Your Child Transitions from a Public to a Private School

After giving the public school system a try, some parents decide that a private school is a better fit for their child.

To help this transition go as smoothly as possible, here are a few things that you can expect to find when your child switches from a public to a private school:

1. Smaller classroom size.
One of the driving factors that motivates parents to choose a private education for their children is the smaller classroom size private schools typically offer.

On a national level, the typical public school classroom averages at least 20 students. In some extreme cases, there may be as many as 32 to 34 students in a classroom. The challenge with this is that some students that may require more attention or even the well behaved quieter students can easily slip through the cracks when a classroom is overcrowded.

On the other hand, the typical classroom in a private school setting usually has 20 students or less, allowing students to get more individualized attention from teachers. This helps students to stay focused and be more engaged.

2. Engaged teachers and staff.
In the public school system, there are a number of restrictions that must be followed that can make it more difficult for teachers to go the extra mile when working with students.

However, with a private education, teachers and parents alike are empowered and given more opportunities to be involved in their students’ academic progress. In addition, parents often are granted more communication from teachers and the administration in a private school setting to ensure that their children are on the right academic path.

3. Wide offering of extracurricular programs.
Great private schools are dedicated to developing the whole child and strongly encourage participation in extracurricular activities. With budget cuts, it’s not uncommon for public schools to have to eliminate some extracurricular activity offerings. However, private schools really shine in this area, generally offering a wealth of programs that are unmatched at any local public school.

4. Character development – moral education.
Private schools teach students that moral conduct plays an important role in your life. Students in private schools are held to a high standard and a well designed honor and integrity code with accountability makes the learning environment more conducive for all students. This is a big reason parents consider a private education for their children.

Making the decision to give your child a private education is an exciting one, and our nurturing teachers and staff at St. Barnabas Episcopal School can help to provide your family with a smooth transition to the private school setting. Please contact us to learn more about how we welcome new families to our accredited private school.

Our mission is to challenge each student in a supportive environment that promotes academic excellence, sound moral values, and high self-esteem within a framework of God’s love.

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