What Sets A Private Education at St. Barnabas Episcopal School Apart?

You’re probably here perusing our website because you’ve done your research, and you’re convinced that private education may be the best fit for your student. We’re so glad to hear that, but you may not know what it is that sets St. Barnabas apart from other schools like it. So before you make this huge choice for your family, take a moment to dive into the details that make St. Barnabas such a special place for your family.
Highly-educated Faculty
There’s an old saying, “if you can’t do, teach”. This derogatory sentiment isn’t true for most anyway, but at St. Barnabas our teachers are far from that stereotype. Our highly educated faculty are a huge factor in why our students are so successful. In fact, nearly 50% of our faculty have post-graduate degrees making them highly qualified to provide the best education possible for your student.

Diverse Student Body
This day and age the face of our nation is becoming more and more diverse in nationality, race, and point of view. We believe that diversity in the classroom prepares your child for the diversity of thought and opinion they are going to experience in the real world. While other private education institutions are criticized for their lack of diversity, St. Barnabas boasts an impressive 23% minority enrollment rate. With one-quarter of our students representing minority communities, we are able to foster important relationships between students, faculty, and staff from all number of different backgrounds.

Academic Performance
Our small student to teacher ratios paired with our rigorous curriculum make St. Barnabas the perfect place for your student to strive for his or her academic potential with the support of our talented faculty. At St. Barnabas our students score above grade level on national standardized tests. The results of these tests paired with each students’ academic performance are an excellent benchmark for how your student will fare after their K-8 education, so rest comfortably knowing that a St. Barnabas education sets students up for future success.

A Physically Active Student Body
Our whole nation is in a battle with the obesity epidemic, and some blame the fact that children are spending more and more time inside watching tv and playing video games than they are playing outside like their parents’ generation did. At St. Barnabas we are very committed to physical education as a way to keep students active and physically healthy, while also giving their minds a rest from time spent in the classroom. We’re proud to say that nearly all of our students will participate in St. Barnabas athletics events before graduation and that we have the most athletics programs of any K-8 public or private school in Volusia County.

At St. Barnabas Episcopal School we are so proud of the education that we provide to our students and the community we have built amongst our faculty, staff, and families. We want to show you more of what is so special about our school. Contact us today for a guided tour of our campus to see it all for yourself.

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