We Think Your Unmotivated Student May Flourish In Private Education

The word school evokes different feelings in different people. You may have one child who thrives in school an another who struggles to find motivation in the classroom. In larger public schools your unmotivated student can easily fall through the cracks. But in private education students of all types are seen and supported within the same classroom.
If your child is struggling to get engaged in his or her education, here are some reasons that private education may be the best option for your family:

Parental Presence
As a parent, your ability to be present and engaged in your child’s education is a huge factor in helping your children find their own motivation to succeed. If your children know that you are connected with their teachers and an active member of the school community it gives them one more reason to stay on task: mom and dad are watching. If being engaged in your child’s schooling is a priority for you, private education will likely be a great fit.

A Teacher Ally
In small, intimate classrooms teachers have the opportunity to get to know each student individually. Having a teacher who can see and understand what your child is experiencing in the classroom also allows them to become that child’s ally within the larger school system. Public school teachers often have more than 25 students per class which can make connecting with and advocating for each one a nearly impossible task. In the small communities that are inherent in private education, your struggling student will always be able to find an ally.

Develop An Individualized Learning Plan
In some cases, your child who is struggling or just not motivated in school may simply have some learning differences that you’re not aware of. In private schools, teachers have more time and freedom to individualize lesson plans for their students’ specific needs whether that is a learning disability of some kind or your child is gifted and feeling unchallenged by the subject matter. If your undermotivated child seems to struggle most in one particular subject or hasn’t picked up some of the basic skills expected of students his or her age, reach out to their teacher and guidance counselor to create a success plan for the future.

Acknowledge Progress
Struggling in school can be really tough on a students self-esteem. If your child is unmotivated in the classroom, connect with their teachers and work together to acknowledge their small wins. It’s partnerships like this, between parent and teacher, that are abundant in private education and lead to motivated, engaged, and successful students.

If your child seems not to enjoy school, that doesn’t have to remain the case. Some students need more support than they can get in a traditional public school setting. Consider making the switch to a private school to see how your unmotivated student can really flourish in the right setting. For more information about becoming a part of the St. Barnabas family, contact us today.

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