Unpacking The Myths Around Private Education

Making decisions about your children’s schooling will begin at a young age and persist as they enter adulthood. You have to decide where they attend pre-school, daycare, primary school, and the list goes on and on into college. At some point, most parents will weigh their options and consider whether public or private education is the best choice for their family. Unfortunately, too many families buy into the mythology around private schools and are discouraged from learning more.
Only Rich Kids Attend Private School
If you’ve ever seen private schools depicted in television or movies you’ve probably gotten the wrong impression. The halls filled with extremely wealthy children and parents who drive expensive foreign cars are not an accurate picture of what private education is really like. Most private schools offer financial aid packages which allow children of all demographics to attend. At St. Barnabas, due to this financial support – often aided by generous parent donors – our campus is diverse with nearly one-quarter of our student body representing minority communities, including international students.

Private Schools Are Only For Gifted Children
While many families choose private education because of our unique ability to nurture gifted children, it is not to the detriment of our ability to educate students at all levels. A commitment to maintaining intimate classroom environments within private schools is as beneficial to top achieving students as it is to those who need more support. With fewer children to attend to, teachers in private schools can cater their lesson plans to meet the individual needs of their students.

Private School Teachers Are Not As Qualified
This myth is the one that disappoints us the most. After all, our teachers work very hard, are dedicated to supporting our students, and nearly half of them carry advanced degrees. Just like you, teachers choose private education for a variety of reasons. But some of the most common are: that they enjoy working in a supportive community that aligns with their values, and is committed to excellence in education. At St. Barnabas our teachers receive the training and mentorship necessary to become Master Teachers and undergo yearly review processes to hold them accountable to their personal and professional growth.

The decision to enroll your children in either public or private school is a personal one. We hope that families make those decisions based upon facts and not myths. If you have additional questions about St. Barnabas’ style of education, contact us today. We’d love to show you exactly why we believe in the power of private education and its ability to transform the lives of children and families in our community.

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