Tips For Transferring To Private School Mid-year

Most students begin the school year with us at St. Barnabas School, but that is not the case for our entire student body. Some students join us mid-year, others still trickle in throughout the year. Anytime a student transfers into a new school during the middle of a school year, it can be a hard transition both academically and socially.
If you’re preparing to transfer your child to private school you might consider taking some of these steps to ease the transition and set them up for educational success.

Get Familiar With The Campus
Think back to your first day of high school. Do you remember how hard and intimidating it was to navigate a new campus filled with new people? If you want to help your child avoid that same frustration we recommend that you take the time to familiarize your students and yourself with the campus. Most private schools will offer tours of campus to incoming students and their families. Even one trip through her new academic home will not only give your child confidence on her first day of school, but your familiarity with the campus will help you to coach her as she makes it through the early days of this transition.

Set Clear Expectations
You instinctively know this, but research supports the idea that preparation inspires confidence. There is already the expectation that your child is prepared for school by finishing his homework, studying for tests, and completing his science fair project on time. But have you thought about the impact that preparation can have as they head off to a new school year halfway through the academic year? Take the time to prepare your student for what he can expect from his new private school environment. Walk him through the day, step by step, so he knows exactly what to expect from the opening bell to the closing bell.

Share With Your Child’s Teacher
Your child’s teacher is their best advocate. If your son or daughter is struggling with the idea of transferring to private school, or if they’re falling behind in an academic discipline, make sure you let their teacher know. By staying in close contact with their new team of educators you can harness the power of private education wherein teachers have the time and resources to stay connected and engaged with each of their students and their parents. As you work to ease the transition to a new school, there is no better partner for you than your child’s teacher.

Change can be difficult for children, and even for adults. Take the time to work with your child and the staff at their new school to take steps to ease the transition. And while it still may be difficult at first, know that the level of education and attention your child will receive at a private school is worth the effort. For more information about visiting the St. Barnabas School campus and eventually joining our community, contact us today.

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