There is a place, St. B’s School Song

Do you know that St. B has a school song? Our students, faculty and staff sing our school song which is called “There is a Place” every Friday at flag. You may of heard it before, below are the lyrics. If you would like to hear our school song, just click the play button above.
There is a place where we can learn

Caring, effort, taking our turn,

A place where knowledge is the key

To be all we can be.

Where teachers and our Head of School

Care for us big and small,

Cooperation, personal best

Help us to be free.

To know our world around us

And places far away,

To know that God is always our guide

And with us every day.

We see through curiosity

And live each day with integrity.

There is a school for you and me,

St. Barnabas, we love you!

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