The Private Education Choice In Our Community

Access to quality education is a tenet of American culture. In every town in our country, there are public schools open to any and every child. But another great thing about our education system is that families can opt into private education should they choose. The freedom to make that choice means that families can ensure their children attend the right school to meet their individual needs. For millions of families around the country, and countless within our own community, private education is a clear choice.
Whether you choose a public or private school, the truth is you do have a choice, and our community has many options. All those options may leave you wondering how anyone manages to make a choice at all. Honestly, that choice, and sifting through all the research associated with it, is something only you can do for yourself. But as one of the top private schools in Volusia County, we can tell you some of the primary reasons that people choose our school time and again.

Tuition Assistance
Unlike public schools, private education is usually not free of cost. That can be prohibitive to some families, which is why we offer tuition assistance. We want to build our student body with the students and their families who are the best fit regardless of their income. This feature is one of the many reasons that St. Barnabas continues to rise to the top.

After School Programs
We know that students and their families want more from their private education than the learning that takes place in the classroom each day. At St. Barnabas we have academic, athletic, and spiritual development programming that continues long after the last school bell has rung. We even offer a full array of summer camps so that your kids have a safe and engaging place to learn no matter the time of day (or year).

Spiritual Development
For St. Barnabas families our commitment to spiritual development is often one of the most attractive elements of our school community. If you’re a person of faith, you know that spiritual practice isn’t something that is confined to the walls of a church or even the walls of your home. It’s something you carry with you everywhere you go, and in our classrooms, teachers blend spiritual and academic teachings with the goal of developing well-rounded students.

Private education is a popular choice for families in our area, and we hope you see why so many families choose St. Barnabas as the next educational step for their children. But, if you’re still unsure and want to learn more about us, please give us a call. We’d love to give you a guided tour of our campus and answer any questions you have about how your family can join ours.

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