The Importance of Reading Education And How To Support Your Children

Reading is critically important in a child’s education. Your child’s ability to read on grade level will determine how they can perform in their other academic subjects, how quickly they advance in school, and what their future can hold for them. And while there are some children with diagnosed reading disabilities, even more students are underexposed to reading and thus don’t grow as quickly as they could.
Even in this world of digital media, reading is the key way that young people and adults can deeply absorb new information that helps them navigate the world around them. Here are some ways you can help your child get a leg up when it comes to reading.

Make Reading A Joy Not A Punishment
When children struggle in a certain subject in school, the mere thought of spending any more time focused on their own failures can create a sense of anxiety. We see this time and again with students who struggle with math, reading, writing, and other subjects. Too many hours spent quizzing and studying makes the act of reading feel terrible and undesirable. Help your child enjoy reading by introducing them to exciting stories and adventures that captivate their imaginations. Consider all of the young people who were introduced to the love of reading by the Harry Potter franchise, or even the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It was the story, not skills development that kept them interested.

Read Together As A Family
If you enjoy reading a good book, you probably do it alone most of the time. But there are great benefits to reading aloud to your children. Reading together instills proper sentence structure, introduces basic and advanced vocabulary, and instills a love for books. In this world where we are all captivated by our televisions and smart devices, the time you spend reading with your children will not only enhance their reading education but also help them to develop their imaginations and creativity.

Encourage Your Child To Read To You
When your child asks you to read that same Dr. Seuss book for the same time, consider asking them to read it to you instead. Just like any other factor in their education, the more practice they get the better off they will be. And when your son or daughter trips and stumbles a bit, resist the instinct to correct and control. Support them patiently as they work through each word and celebrate their successes.

Reading education is central to your child’s success, but it doesn’t have to be as terrible and high pressure as that makes it sound. You can help your children learn to enjoy reading by setting a good example. Dedicate time as a family to sit back and read for enjoyment. Take trips to the library and see what magical tales unfold before you. To learn more about reading education, contact us today.

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