The Importance of Playtime and How to Help Your Child Get More Of It

We recently shared with you some valuable parenting tips for parenting in the age of digital devices, and one of our recommended suggestions was to establish limits for digital devices and encourage playtime without digital devices as well.

Allowing your child to have adequate playtime on a daily basis will greatly benefit his social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. Playtime, especially in early childhood, is an opportunity for your child to use creativity as well as to learn how to cooperate, overcome challenges, and negotiate with others.

As a parent, being an active participant in playtime gives you a chance to fully engage and bond with your child. It also allows you to see the world from your child’s perspective.

Understanding the importance that playtime has in shaping well-rounded students, St. Barnabas Episcopal School is proud to offer more athletic programs than any school in Volusia County. We strongly feel that our students learn so much from being on the field–skills that they may not necessarily learn in the classroom–such as sportsmanship, self-discipline, communication, and collaboration.

In addition, we firmly believe that giving our students recess time each day helps them to get excess energy out and stay better focused In the classroom. Daily recess also allows students to interact outside of the classroom in a less structured setting.

If your goal in the new year is to give your children more opportunities for playtime, here are several places around Volusia County for you and your children to enjoy active play together:

Hike Through the Many Parks of Volusia County
We are very blessed in Volusia County to have an abundance of beautiful parks full of trails that are ready to be explored. Hiking with your kids is a great way to turn on their creative outlets and get the conversation flowing.

Visit Highland Park Fish Camp
For over 50 years, Highland Park Fish Camp has provided families an opportunity to fish, camp, and enjoy nature together. The camp itself sprawls over 30 acres, but is situated on the boundaries of Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge, which is a 23,000 acre preserve that has not been touched by development.

Picnic at Freedom Playground
This incredible playground has been the most popular in Deland for more than 20 years. However, over time, the wooden structures have deteriorated. Deland took submissions of ideas from local children to rebuild the playground, and a new interactive, physically challenging, and fun playground was built in late November for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

Explore Hontoon Island State Park
This is one of the more unique parks in Deland as you have to take a ferry (free) to get there. Once you arrive on the island, your family can enjoy exploring this historical park together or take advantage of the bike and kayak rentals available. The park also offers a great playground for hours of playing.

As parents, you’re constantly hearing advice from a number of outlets; however, some of the best parenting tips that you’ll hear is simply to give your children playtime on a daily basis. For more parenting tips and ways that you can incorporate playtime into your child’s daily schedule, please contact us at St. Barnabas Episcopal School. We feel strongly that adequate playtime promotes academic excellence and self-confidence, which helps to best prepare our students to be well-rounded and well-balanced individuals for the future.

Our mission is to challenge each student in a supportive environment that promotes academic excellence, sound moral values, and high self-esteem within a framework of God’s love.

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