Student Spotlight: The Adventures of Captain Guinea Pig and the Evil Sorcerer

Benjamin Johnston is another stellar example of some of the creative students we nurture here at St. Barnabas. He recently released his first ever published book titled “The Adventures of Captain Guinea Pig and the Evil Sorcerer” that he penned himself at the young age of six. The story follows an unlikely super hero, a guinea pig, as he sets out to save the world from an evil sorcerer plotting world destruction. Along the way, Captain Guinea Pig recruits help from a new friend who eventually helps him save the world. Targeted toward children, Benjamin’s masterpiece is one filled with adventure, action, and is many laughs.
Books were always a love for Benjamin, ever since he was born. In fact, before he was even able to walk, his parents found him crawling toward the bookshelf and pulling down their college textbooks, studying them one page at a time. His passion only grew from there. As he learned to read, he became even more infatuated with books. By the early age of four, Ben drew his first book, a field guide about dinosaurs. After that he continued to write until age six, when he wrote his first book. Recently published, “The Adventures of Captain Guinea Pig and the Evil Sorcerer” has always been destined for future success.

When writing this book, Benjamin had the intention of inspiring readers to become, as he describes, “lost in books filled with mystery, adventure, and lots of humor.” The journey is just beginning for this bright individual. Benjamin had his first book signing on March 5th at Cliff’s Books in Downtown DeLand. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next!

We are so proud to have such talented students throughout our St. Barnabas community!
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