Start Here: The Top 3 Benefits Of Enrolling in Our K4 Program

Start Here: The Top 3 Benefits Of Enrolling in Our K4 Program

When you enter the world of parenthood, you become acutely familiar with the phrase, “the days are long, but the years are short.” One day you bring a tiny baby home from the hospital, and the next thing you know, you are having entire conversations with them and planning their educational future. For many parents, pre-kindergarten doesn’t register on their radar. They understand how vital elementary, middle, and high school are, but they don’t realize how choosing the right preschool program can set their children up for future academic success.

At St. Barnabas Episcopal School, we refer to our pre-kindergarten program as K4. It’s a program specially designed to prepare our students for a bright academic future and familiarize them with an educational environment. We are deeply proud of the program we have created and love to watch our young students thrive. Pre-kindergarten is the foundation upon which our students build the rest of their academic lives. It’s easy to brush it off as an insignificant moment in time, but it’s during this time that they develop critical academic, social, and emotional skills and build friendships that will last.

An Excellent Local Pre-Kindergarten Option

There are many childcare options for preschool-aged children in our area. Often those programs are formatted more like a daycare than a school. While daycares provide an essential and valuable service to their clients, preschools focus on creating a dynamic learning environment for their students that prepares them academically for the future. St. Barnabas has long been known as a top-notch private school in the DeLand area. We see our K4 program as an extension of the academic excellence we pursue in elementary and middle school. We are very proud of the work our K4 teachers and students do.

Secure A Spot In Kindergarten And Onward

Because of our excellent reputation in this community, it can be challenging to find a spot on our roster once your child reaches middle school age. When you start your child in our K4 program, you automatically secure them a place each year after that. Our K4 students have an automatic spot in kindergarten, first grade, and so on. It’s very common for local parents of middle schoolers to seek private education options. Those parents who haven’t been part of our community more often struggle to find a space because of the high demand.

Set The Stage For Your Child’s Future

We know that you want the best for your children, academically and otherwise. That’s why we urge parents to start thinking today about what they want for their children’s education five years from now. A good preschool program won’t make or break your child’s future, but it will give them great tools and make their academic and social growth smoother. If you want to see your child grow leaps and bounds, enroll them in a program where their minds are challenged, their relationships are deepened, and their faith is nurtured.

We share this information not to make you feel pressured to make the right choice today. But instead to encourage you that one seemingly simple choice made could make an incredible difference in your children’s lives down the line. At St. Barnabas Episcopal School, we take the academic excellence, spiritual commitment, and attention to detail that we’re known for and funnel that into our preschool program to give our students the infrastructure they need to build a beautiful future. If you’re interested in sending your children to St. Barnabas at any point, please consider starting them early and giving them more than just an average VPK, preschool, or daycare experience. Contact our office today to learn more information about our pre-kindergarten program or to take a tour of our campus.

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