St. Barnabas Episcopal School is a Top Choice for Private Education in DeLand, Here’s Why

There are two kinds of prospective parents we meet here at St. Barnabas Episcopal School. First is the parents who are trying to determine whether to send their children to public school or invest in private education. The others are the parents who have already decided they want a private school for their kids but have yet to determine which school to send them to.

We understand how big this decision feels. Your child’s education is like a snowball rolling down the hill. You set them up for success initially, and they’re more likely to catch momentum on the way down. St. Barnabas is a popular educational option in DeLand and the surrounding areas because we are the best at some essential educational elements.

Tight Knit Community

If you’ve read our blog posts before, you are probably familiar with the attributes that we’re most proud of. We talk a lot about the importance of relationships and education, so it should be no surprise that our tight-knit community is one of the things we believe that’s us apart from our competitors. Community is essential to a good education because it’s a structure inside which our systems operate to ensure that no student falls through the cracks. This is true of our academic programs, extracurricular activities, and the social environment on our campus. Because our community is so strong, we can confidently say that your student will be academically, socially, and emotionally safe at St. Barnabas.

Top Academic Curriculum

Not only is St. Barnabas a warm and welcoming environment in which to learn, but our teachers ensure that our students are getting the best education available in the city of DeLand. Our curriculum is rigorous, and our students flourish. Thanks to our model of placing excellent teachers in small classroom environments. Students are less likely to fall through the cracks academically because our teachers can craft personalized experiences for each student. Unlike teachers at larger public or private schools, St. Barnabas teachers are not dealing with the same level of overwhelm, leading to a more successful program for the students.

Best Athletics Programming Around

A healthy body is essential to developing a healthy mind. Did you know we have far more athletic programs than any other school in Volusia county? Our students participate in traditional sports like soccer and basketball, cheerleading, surfing, weightlifting, and more. Our robust athletics program is a powerful tool for students who want to find a place to belong. Students must also have a way to move their bodies during the day to keep their minds fresh and active.

Commitment To The Arts

Our athletic program is one of many ways students can blow off steam during the day. We invite all our students to participate in our arts programming to express their internal lives externally. From performing arts to visual arts, our vibrant arts program is a big draw for parents who want to see their children’s interests nurtured within their academic environments. 

Being the best private educational institution in DeLand is more than simply having the most brilliant students or getting the highest test scores. A strong education is as multifaceted and beautiful as our student body. We’ve been serving the DeLand community for decades and can tell you without a question that we provide the best education in town. Whether you’re ready to join the St. Barnabas community today or still have some unanswered questions, we invite you to call our office. We would be honored to share more about our methods.

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