Some of the Long-term Benefits of Starting your Kindergartner in Private School

Starting your kindergartner in private school will have great immediate social and educational benefits. Students in private schools have more access to teachers, smaller classrooms, and a childhood education based on their family’s faith preference. But there are excellent long-term benefits to being an alumnus of a private institution like St. Barnabas School.
Building Lifelong Relationships
When you start your child off in a private education from day one, your child has the opportunity to grow strong relationships from a very early age. In private schools, with our small classes and very slim student to teacher ratio, your kindergartener will remain in classes with the same students all the way through their education. The relationships built from kindergarten to 8th grade will be the foundation that your child uses to build relationships for the rest of their lives.

Starting Early With A Solid Foundation
In addition to starting life off with a solid foundation of relationships, a private kindergarten education starts your child off on the right foot educationally. Some of the very important lessons you learn in your early years of education are proven to impact your future. Learning these things in an academically sound institution with lots of extra support from teachers will set your child up on the path to success from their critically important first year on. In addition to academic success, a private education sets students up with great leadership skills as well.

Future Opportunities
Private schools ranging from secondary schools on to colleges are known for their tight communities which provide excellent networking opportunities in the future. It may seem now that planning for your child’s first job opportunities is a reach too far into the future, but it’s always good to get your student plugged into the tight-knit community found within a private school as early as possible.

Making the decision to send your children to private school kindergarten is one that has lasting effects on your children and your family for years to come. At St. Barnabas School we are confident in our ability to provide a values-based, rigorous, and student-focused education to all of our students. We also take great pride in our alumni who go on to live connected lives as lifelong learners and engaged members of their communities whether they live far and wide or right here in our backyard.

If you want more information about how to bring your children into our tight-knit community, contact us today. We’d love to give you a tour of our campus and share more about the long-term benefits of joining the St. Barnabas School community.

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