Science Expo 2016

The 2016 Family Science Expo was designed for St. Barnabas students to show off their excellence in the field of science. Each grade level (K-8) participates in a variety of fun and exciting ways. Take a look around at the many interactive, messy, delicious, amazing research, and “wow factor” projects our students have crafted this year!
Indoor Projects to Explore:

  • – Will books stop a bullet?
  • – Nitrogen ice cream
  • – Colloidal suspensions dancing on speakers
  • – Camouflage and endangered animal displays
  • Eliectricity experiments with a Van deGraff Generator
Engage in our Outdoor Projects:

  • Exploding watermelon
  • Exploding ketchup
  • Homemade pulsejet engine
  • Bow and arrow shooting/testing
  • Optical illusion cloaking device
  • Walk on eggshells
  • Mentos and coke with dry ice
In addition, we welcome some of our community partners to this family friendly event. They are located between Canterbury Hall and the Harwood Center and have brought along some fun activities for everyone to participate in. Please, take the time to visit each of the community partners’ stations and you could receive a FREE T-Shirt!

Special Thanks to our Community Partners:

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