Scholarships: Serving the needs of our community

A big part of St. Barnabas Episcopal School’s mission is to serve our DeLand community by attracting and retaining students who aspire to reach their full potential. Many prospective and current families have searched for an institution where their children can feel safe, be nurtured spiritually, mentally, and physically, and become well-rounded individuals. They have found their answer at SBES.
This desire for a quality education is not always financially possible for families, especially those who have several children. Understanding this, we offer over $100,000 in scholarships each year to our families. In fact, 25% of our student body receives financial aid. That means that out of 370 students, almost 90 have a need for some type of financial assistance to attend SBES.

Occasionally, families fall on rough times, such as a loss of job, medical bills, or devastation caused by a natural disaster. We allot a percentage of our scholarships each year to support our families in times such as these, so they are not forced to sacrifice their children’s education due to a short-term financial burden.

We believe in staying deeply attuned to the needs of our families, and we know St. Barnabas is an investment in the children’s future. By giving to our Annual Fund, you are blessing many families with the opportunity to receive an outstanding education. In addition, you are assisting the School in attracting and retaining families devoted to the values instilled here. For more information on giving to the School or how to apply for scholarship, please click one of the links below.

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