Ring In Fall 2020 With These Parenting Tips

To put it mildly, the Fall season lags here in the state of Florida. As our friends to the north are sipping pumpkin spice and wearing scarves, we’re still fending off hurricane season. But as unconventional, and far too short as our fall season is, it still ranks as the favorite time of year for lots of families. In the year 2020, fall will probably feel different than any other you can recall, and you like many other families may find yourself in search of parenting tips to help you through. Our inability to gather in large crowds, and the desire to keep our community safe and healthy will put a damper on some traditional fall activities.
The pandemic has completely changed the way that our schools operate. It has changed the way our church communities gather, and even how we shop. It is also going to have an impact on some of the fun fall traditions that you and your kids have grown to love. We’ve compiled a list of parenting tips to help you celebrate some of your fall favorites during this wild and wacky year.

Parenting Tips For Trick Or Treating
The age-old tradition of walking down packed sidewalks to knock on strangers’ doors asking for candy is going to be a lot less common this year. Some local Halloween events have already been canceled due to the Coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean that Halloween has to be a total loss.

One of our favorite Halloween parenting tips is to organize your own Trunk or Treat gathering. Events like these are often hosted by churches and nonprofits. People decorate their cars and children walk from car to car to collect candy. This may be a more socially distanced approach to trick or treating.

Another popular option is to connect with friends and family whose home you feel comfortable visiting and let them know you’ll be by for Trick or Treating. Your kids will still get the experience they love but within the safety of your trusted community.

Parenting Tips For Football Season
For many families, the beginning of fall means the beginning of football season! Whether you’re cheering on your local high school team, or taking your children to see college and professional games, there is nothing quite like the excitement of a live sporting event. But, just like nearly everything else, football has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. From high school through the NFL, everyone seems to have a different approach to the 2020 season, but one thing is for sure, it will look vastly different than ever before.

You may not be able to give your kids a peek at the true Friday Night Lights experience or cheer on your favorite college or pro team this year, but there is still fun to be had. As of now, NFL teams will still be playing even though many won’t be letting fans into the stands. Why don’t you make this year the year that you play football instead of watching it? Invite your family to spend a little more time outside tossing the ball around on Sunday mornings, it certainly may fit better with your kids’ bedtime routines.

Parenting Tips For An At-Home County Fair
Ah, the beloved county fair. Where else could you have so much fried food and so many rides all in one place? Only time will tell if local municipalities will take a risk on this kind of event. But even if they still take place, you may not feel totally confident attending them.

There are some aspects of county fairs like rides and livestock that you probably won’t be able to replicate at home. However, carnival games and fried Oreos can easily be accomplished from the comfort of your own backyard. Gather together the family and friends you’ve been quarantining with and throw your own fall festival. Put each family in charge of organizing a fun fall activity like a pie-eating contest, ring toss, or chili cook-off. The success of your first at home county fair depends only on your ability to get creative.

Parenting Tips For A Thanksgiving Gathering
Thanksgiving is a fun family holiday centered around great food and great company. But, you might be a little hesitant to bring the whole family over to grandma’s to celebrate this year. As of now, Coronavirus is still affecting more of our elderly population than anyone else, so some family gatherings may be too risky. But, the risk of transmission drops significantly when you’re outside and keeping a safe distance.

This year, why not make Thanksgiving an outdoor event? Invite groups within your extended family to decorate their own dinner table, you can even make a contest out of it! Your children have the benefit of a holiday with their extended family without the risk of anyone getting sick.

By now you may have noticed that all of these parenting tips require an extra dose of creativity and a little more effort. While it’s hard to watch your family’s favorite fall activities get canceled, one after another, this new normal creates an opportunity for you to think creatively and work together to keep your traditions alive!

We’re going to continue reiterating the obvious, that life is different right now. It will continue to be different for a while to come. Fortunately, your kids are resilient and creative and together your family will find new ways to celebrate upcoming holidays and milestones. We’ve given plenty of parenting tips to help you cope with the change in their school year, but this list is more about keeping the special magic in the fall season. If you have additional questions about how you can help your St. Barnabas student to adjust to our new normal, contact us today.

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