Professional Development: Nurturing the Joy of learning

Continuing Education is essential for teachers and staff to continuously hone their skills. Our Board of Trustees and Head of School made a strategic goal to increase our professional development funds by $5,000 a year. This yearly increase gives our school ongoing opportunities to provide effective webinars, conferences, and seminars for all our teachers and professional staff.
Our school is filled with students with different styles of learning. Discovering how students learn and adapting to successful philosophies used by top schools across the nation is how we empower our students to reach their full potential. Our teachers have a desire to learn how to teach and are willing to change to meet the needs of our students and that is a rare gem in education.

This year we have five professional development seminars for teachers on our campus and many teachers will pursue additional training over the summer or in their free time. In the past year, we have had 6 teachers receive their gifted endorsement and Mr. Garcia has a vision of funding the opportunity for every teacher to earn this endorsement. In addition, our staff attends FCIS and NAIS conferences on a yearly basis and meets with professionals and experts from around the country.

Continuing to fund these many opportunities is a priority for our school. As much as $25,000 of the $120,000 annual fund goal this year will directly benefit professional development programs next year. Help us continue to provide our teachers and staff with the advanced training they need to nurture a life long joy for learning in every student!

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