Physical Education Activities You Can Do From Home

This spring semester has been one for the books. None of us will ever forget the year that our classrooms were empty, and your homes we’re overflowing! Hopefully, by this point, you’ve gotten into a groove with your children’s school, but by now they may be bouncing off the walls a bit as they’re missing their friends and their routine. There’s only so much video gaming that can substitute for actual activity. It may be time to implement P.E.
But, unlike Physical Education class in school where kids have access to lots of equipment and dozens of classmates, the following are ways your kids can get some exercise from your home.

Take The Whole Family For A Walk
It’s not just the kids who need to get out of the house from time to time. Pack up the whole family and go for a walk a couple of times a day. Keep your eye out for interesting flora and fauna and take the opportunity to wave to neighbors as you pass? Does walking sound too boring for your kids? Bring along a bike or a scooter, when the goal is moving your body, the tools you use to accomplish it don’t really matter.

Jump Around
It turns out that jumping is really good for your health. You may have taken your kids to a trampoline park at some point and know how great of a job it does at completely wearing them out. If you don’t have a trampoline at home, try a jump rope. If you’re short a jump rope you can make one out of a section of rope. When jumping gets boring, teach them some of the old jump rope tricks you remember from the schoolyard. Your whole family will be double dutching before you know it!

Find Online Inspiration
The internet is packed full of exercise videos for adults and children, especially now that gyms and sports centers are closed to the public. Your kids can log in for free online ballet classes, or if that doesn’t excite them, look for a subject that will. There are karate classes, basketball tutorials, and even weightlifting tips. The internet has more at-home physical education options than your children could ever take advantage of.

All of this togetherness is as beautiful as it is extremely hard. So make sure that you’re scheduling physical education time into your day for your kids’ sake and your own. Plus, the habit of P.E. doesn’t have to end when COVID-19 does, it is a great way to keep your kids active and entertained during our long, hot summers. Contact us today, to learn more about our extensive physical education options as you consider your school options for this fall.

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