Parenting Tips For Raising Healthy Children

Parenting is hard and complicated, and we know you want nothing more than to do what’s best for your family. Raising healthy children may feel overwhelming in the midst of all the other priorities in life, but by focusing on these three parenting tips you can set your child up for success with a healthy, happy lifestyle.
Keep Your Family Moving
These days children have many more distractions than generations past. Their smartphones, laptops, and access to endless streaming entertainment are keeping more children inside than ever before. There are great benefits to technology, we use it in our classrooms to enhance our students’ education and prepare them for this highly digital world. However, we also balance that with lots of time outside and daily physical education. If you find that your children are spending too much time inside, get them out of the house and moving. Take some time to go on a family walk, play sports together in the yard, play games in the pool, or even invest in a trampoline! A little bit more activity each day will add up to healthier children over the long run.

Clean Up Your Diet
Life with kids can be busy and hectic, especially when you have more than one child and they begin taking interest in sports and music lessons all while bringing home homework for the first time! When life becomes a juggling act it’s easy to let things slide, and often that thing is diet. You can make it a bit easier by opting for a healthy school lunch, but there are also things you can avoid while your kids are home.

These days, meals can be made in minutes with the right combination of processed ingredients.
But, these boxes and bags of food are often lacking the nutrients your children need to grow strong and healthy. Plus, processed foods generally have much more sugar in them than you realize. If having a healthy diet has fallen by the wayside, check back in and take stock of the areas where you can sub in fresh fruits and vegetables in exchange for processed foods. By teaching your children to eat healthy at a young age they will more likely carry those lessons into adulthood.

Make Sure They’re Sleeping
We don’t have to tell you what it’s like when your child hasn’t gotten enough sleep. Trying to wrangle an exhausted child is nearly impossible, but ensuring that your children are getting enough sleep is not just about how pleasant they will be the next day. Children need sleep to maintain a strong immune system, stay bright and focused at school, and to grow. But those arguments will not be sufficient to coax your child into bed. So, if your child has trouble going to sleep consider the following. Make sure they are active enough during the day, make sure they’re eating a healthy diet, and limit screen time at bedtime.

Raising children in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be a constant juggling act. Making sure they are safe, fed, and kind may sometimes feel like a win for the day. But teaching your children to maintain a healthy lifestyle may require a little extra planning.

At St. Barnabas Episcopal School, your child’s health is a top priority, so providing healthy lunches and staying active during the day are top priorities. For more information about our special attention to diet and exercise, or to learn how our school can support your child’s healthy lifestyle, contact us today.

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