Parenting Tips for Keeping Your Kids Engaged in Learning This Summer

Summer vacation is right around the corner, and while your children are probably thrilled for a break from all of the formal learning they’re doing in the classroom, summer presents a great opportunity to continue learning in a more non-traditional manner. Help your children establish and maintain a love for learning by filling the summer with fun and educational activities.
Are you unsure where to begin? Here are some parenting tips that may help:

Local Art And Science Museums
Take advantage of these summer months to bring your whole family to visit local museums. From the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona to our own Museum of Art in DeLand there is no shortage of opportunities to expose your children to art, science, and Florida history. Museums give children first-hand exposure to cultures and customs they aren’t familiar with and expand their minds about what is possible in the world around them.

State Parks And Refuges
In addition to the learning opportunities housed in our local museums, there are endless learning opportunities to find at local parks and refuges. The City of DeLand is flanked on every side by beautiful state parks filled with native wildlife, trees, and plants. And you don’t have to wander the parks at random, local state parks have events, guided tours, and other educational opportunities. There’s even a state park passport that you can have stamped at every Florida State Park you visit!

Classes And Camps
Whether your child is interested in music, art, or sports, there are dozens of different camps and classes available during the summer. Take time explore the options and talk with your kids about what they might like to learn. You may be surprised to find that your son is interested in art, or your daughter swimming. Even during classes that do not appear to be directly educational, there is so much opportunity for your children to learn.

Tackle Learning As A Family
If you don’t have the time or extra resources to sign your kids up for camp, sit down and discuss something that you and your family can learn together. For instance, if your child is really interested in cars, you might learn how to change your oil or work on your engine together. And if you’re concerned that your child spends too much time online or watching television, set the goal of learning how to make a movie as a family or code your own website. If you follow your child’s interests you can help them close in on a topic that may inspire a love of learning.

Don’t let your kids grow up thinking learning is something that only takes place during the school year. Learning is fun and by investing in a summer filled with great learning opportunities you can help cultivate a love of learning in your children that lasts long into their adult lives. For more parenting tips or information about summer learning opportunities, contact us today. Our staff and faculty are passionate about making learning fun and engaging for all of our students during the school year if you’d like to see your child find a love for learning, give us a call.

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