Making Private School Work On A Public School Budget

You want nothing less than the best for your children, and to you that might mean investing in a private education. Investing in private school may seem like a luxury these days, but you don’t have to give up on the idea entirely. If the price tag on private school seems too high for your budget, consider the following.
Choose The Right School
Not every private school is the same, and not every school is the right fit for your child or family. We recommend that you start early in the search for the school that will fit your family. And, as in life, the highest price tag on the school does not necessarily equate to the best fit. Take tours of the schools you’re interested in, meet with teachers and administrators, and connect with other families. The more information you have the easier it will be to choose the right school at the best price point for you. And at the end of the day, you may find that your best fit isn’t so far outside the realm of possibilities.

Apply For Aid
Most likely, the schools you’re looking at have financial aid or scholarship programs. Be sure and apply for any available opportunities. In addition to financial aid from the school, look into local and national private scholarship programs for which your family may be eligible. There is no shame in taking advantage of resources that are made available in your community. One simple scholarship could make choosing a private education for your kids much more affordable.

Evaluate Financial Priorities
If an excellent private education is a family priority, it may be time to investigate your other expenses, and which activities your children are taking part in that are soaking up all of that tuition money. Are your kids playing multiple sports, taking piano lessons, going to dance class and attending sleep-away camp each summer? Evaluating which expenditures you can live without might free up a little bit of money for tuition.

Private schools are an ideal place for rigorous academics, a strong commitment to values, and intimate community to collide. And for some families, there is no better place to educate their children. However, along with all of those significant benefits come the cold hard facts – it isn’t free. And while prices vary and financial aid opportunities about, this can seem like the end of the private school road. However, with careful consideration, your family can find the resources it needs to send your kids to the school you love the most. Contact us today for more information about St. Barnabas School.

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