Long-Term Benefits of Private School: Why Starting in Kindergarten Better Prepares Students for Their Future

We are incredibly proud of the educational opportunities we offer at St. Barnabas Episcopal School. We know that our commitment to academic excellence, paired with our desire to help parents raise children with strong values and passionate hearts, is making a difference in the world around us.

We see evidence that the long-term benefits of enrolling children in private schools are significant. Simply put, students who begin at St. Barnabas in kindergarten and continue throughout their academic careers have consistent access to better resources than their peers. We know that people opt for specific educational options for various personal reasons. If you’re looking for the right educational institution to prepare your children for their futures, a school like ours may be the ideal place for you.

Higher Academic Standards

Because we are not beholden to state testing requirements, our teachers and students can shoot for the moon when pursuing academic success. The standards at St. Barnabas are high because we believe in pushing our students to be the best they can be. If you want to send your children to an institution with advanced academic studies and high-performance expectations, a private school can offer you those things.

More Opportunities

Sometimes we feel like broken records when we talk about the importance of class size on a child’s ability to succeed in their education, but it’s one of our top priorities. Public school teachers are often burdened with huge classes, making it challenging to meet the specific needs of each child in the classroom. Small classes are just one of the ways our students have access to more opportunities. They are more likely to have their questions answered, and have access to more athletic and extracurricular opportunities, and when they get off track, they’re more likely to be seen by teachers and administrators.

Safe Community

We love to see the way our students and their families come together with other families on campus and off campus to create a safe and reliable community. Students who start at schools like ours in kindergarten and work their way up are surrounded by people who know and love them throughout their academic careers. That same support extends to the children and the families as they navigate the complicated issues that can arise in the life of any family. If community building is essential to your family life, there is no better place to get it than a private school at Saint Barnabas.

Connections, Mentoring, And More

Because of the deep communities built in private schools, alumni often feel connected with the school and the other school graduates for decades to come. This deep sense of connection drives alumni to participate with their alma mater through financial support, mentorship, networking, and other connections to benefit current students. We see time and again evidence of alumni taking young people under their wings to help them learn and grow in a specific field. Access to alumni can provide a wealth of academic and professional opportunities and help students grow into well-rounded young adults. Relationships are some of the most valuable things that schools like St. Barnabas offer our students and their families.

Of course, regardless of when you enroll your children in St. Barnabas, they will reap the benefits of being part of our school community. But, we love to see the long-term benefits and deep, meaningful connections built when students have access to our community throughout their educational careers. Consider St. Barnabas Episcopal School when searching for a school that provides high-quality education and offers deep, meaningful connections. Contact our office anytime to learn more.

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