Key Reasons Families Move Their Children to Private School

Access to private education has always been a priority of parents in Volusia County and around the country. It’s become such a priority in the last few years that new legislation has been passed extending parents’ ability to choose private education for their children regardless of finances or caps on enrollment. Florida is already leading the country in the percentage of students enrolled in private schools, and as Governor Desantis recently referred to our state as “number one in educational freedom” in the country, we suspect we’ll see a steep increase in the number of parents who join the private school movement.

But why is it such a big deal for more families to have easy access to the private school of their choice? Many parents have chosen private education for decades because they believe in the quality of education. Politicians believe this new legislation will make access to private education easier for everyone who wants it.

Smaller Classes

Florida is experiencing a population boost that will worsen classroom overpopulation. As more people move to the state, public schools will get bigger and classrooms more full. Unfortunately, large classrooms do not equate to a better learning environment. At small private schools like St. Barnabas, we can provide intimate learning environments for our students because our teachers are in manageable classrooms. When classes are overfilled, teachers cannot meet each student’s individual learning needs. Even the best teacher cannot be 25 places at one time, and students are bound to fall through the cracks. Our small classrooms enable teachers to develop a deep understanding of each student’s needs so that they can teach in such a way that helps him grow.

Shared Values

One primary factor that drives families to our school is their desire to educate their children in an environment that marries academics with their families’ personal values. While public schools are legally not allowed to teach the Christian faith, schools like ours put faith at the epicenter of everything we do. Rather than subjugating our values to chapel one day a week, we weave it throughout the school day so our children learn that their faith is not just a subject in their lives but a theme that runs through everything they do. For many parents, this is a top priority when choosing where their children will go to school, which makes St. Barnabas an ideal choice.

Tighter Community

Just as our small classrooms don’t allow students to slip through the cracks academically, our tight-knit community doesn’t allow students to fall through the cracks, socially and relationally. There are countless opportunities for children to find their place at St. Barnabas in the classroom, on the playground, through extracurricular activities, or through family connections. Our high level of parental and family engagement ensures there is always someone looking out for your child, whether it’s you, their teachers, or the other parents in our community. The benefits of a small community go beyond what happens on our campus. St. Barnabas alumni are connected to us forever and can provide financial support and resources for the school and our current students.

If there is any lesson to be learned, it’s that bigger is not always better. Regarding your child’s education, better is better, the community is better, and that is something we can provide that is difficult to find in a large public school.

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