Is Private Education The Right Next Step For Your Homeschooler?

There are many learning styles and finding the right environment for children is important to parents. For many parents, providing their students with the freedom and flexibility of a homeschool environment seems to make the most sense, but homeschooling isn’t right for every family. Students grow, families morph and change and eventually, you may need to find a more traditional school approach for your previously homeschooled child. Is a private education the right next step for your family?
Commitment To Christian Values
For many homeschool families, the choice to remove their children from the traditional school environment is made to prolong their innocence and take the opportunity to instill the family’s personal religious values. For that reason alone we believe that a private education is the very best next step for a previously homeschooled child. Private schools like St. Barnabas have the pleasure and responsibility of integrating principles of Christian spirituality into the daily life of each student. If maintaining a faith-filled learning environment is important to your family, consider choosing Christian private education.

Transitions Made Easier With Small Classes
Transitioning into a traditional school environment can be difficult for some children, and a small classroom environment provides a softer landing than a large, loud classroom with a high student-teacher ratio. Private schools with smaller classes allow new students to have more one on one time with teachers ensuring that their transition into a new school, or in this case into a traditional school environment is smooth and comfortable.

Some Children Crave Structure
Children who are naturally self-directed and self-motivated can flourish in an organic homeschool environment, but many children are more focused and productive when structure is nurtured by a non-family member. Moving children out of a homeschooling system into a more structured classroom may be the healthiest next step for children who are ready to flourish amongst their peers.

For many, choosing a Christian private education is the right next step because it upholds their families personal values and provides small, structured classrooms making the transition smooth and easy. If you and your children are ready to move on from homeschooling contact us today or stop by for a tour of our campus.

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