How to Keep Your Kid’s Education on Track During a Pandemic

The year 2020 will go down in history as a year of transformation. People, families, and industry were forced to change the way we do life as well as the ways we do business. As teachers and school administrators, we’ve done our best to maintain as much normalcy in your children’s education as we could over the last few months but we’re well aware that most of the heavy lifting was left up to you, their parents.
No matter what happens this fall, our culture has been undeniably changed by this pandemic. All types of organizations will have to rethink the way they operate and reconsider the “way things have always been.” The road to recovery is steep, but we’re confident in the ability of our community members to bounce back and adjust, if for no other reason than for our children’s education and future.

Now that the school year has finally come to an end, you’ll hopefully have slightly fewer things to juggle for the next few months. The responsibility of teaching school is off the table for now. However, if we know you as well as we think we do, your kids’ education won’t stray too far from your mind. We, like you, want to make sure that our students stay on track in the midst of this new way of life. We have some thoughts on how you can continue preparing your kids to be successful in education, but first, there’s something else we want to share with you.

We think you deserve a high five. You’re doing a great job, and your kids are growing up to be wonderful, well-adjusted, loving, and intelligent people because of it. Chances are, what they’ll remember most about this season is much different than what you’ll remember. Ten years from now you may look back and remember the stress, and anxiety. People are losing their jobs, you’re having to juggle home, school, kids, work, and more. But we think they’re going to remember all of the time you spent together as a family. The board games, backyard barbeques, and creative activities you dreamed up to keep them busy. As we move on from the last school year, give yourself a break and a moment to breathe and enjoy even more time with your family before you start to think about the upcoming school year.

Ok, now that you’ve adequately celebrated your own hard work, let’s talk about the 2020-2021 academic year. Again, none of us have any way to know what is going to happen come August, but here are a few things to consider as we move into the next year.

Review Grade Level Expectations
Your children missed out on a great deal of classroom education time this year, and it’s likely that some of them may be lagging a little bit next year. Don’t panic, this is something we can work through. However, it may help you to have an idea of what the expectations are for a child their age. For instance, the State of Florida has a list of education standards that the average child should meet depending upon their age. If your child is behind in any first-grade math, or third-grade reading, you have some time this summer to focus on those skills.

Reading, writing, and mathematics are easy to weave into daily life. All children, regardless of whether they meet their grade level expectations, can benefit from more time reading their favorite books. Your children can also study their writing by keeping a log of your summer activities, and their math by baking or helping assemble a grocery list. Keeping up with grade-level standards might not look or feel like traditional education to you or your kids. It’s also important to mention the value of social development in education. The time spent together in a classroom is as much about relationships as it is about education. If you’re still not comfortable letting your kids out of quarantine to play with friends, provide them with some opportunities to chat with friends and classmates online.

Keep Your Child on Track
Our priority is that your children stay on track with their education as much as possible during this year of unexpected change and disruption. We don’t expect perfection, but we do want to eliminate as much difficulty as we can for them. School is meant to challenge children, but it’s not meant to beat them or you down. If you have specific questions about how to support your children’s education at this time please contact us. We’re here to help.

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