How To Help Your Child Recover After A Tough Semester Of Private Education

The beginning of a new semester of school is the perfect opportunity for parents to help their children set new goals and intentions for the rest of the year. This is an especially valuable opportunity for students who have fallen behind their peers or behind their capabilities so far in the academic year. Unlike the beginning of a new year which comes on the heels of a long summer vacation, the beginning of the second semester comes after only a short break. This helps many students to maintain academic focus.
A tough semester of school takes a toll on children’s motivation and self-esteem, and it takes dedicated parents to motivate them to begin their next semester on a stronger foot. If your child has struggled through their private education so far this academic year, there are several ways in which you can help them recover.

Keep Yourself Informed
Your child’s academic success comes down to their participation, but some children don’t naturally have the skills they need to help them achieve that success. Even the most intelligent students can struggle with motivation, organization, and socialization. One of the many great attributes of private education is our small classrooms and a very low student to teacher ratio. Not only does this give your child plenty of direct contact with her teacher, but it gives you that access as well. As you work to help your child succeed in this second semester, stay connected with your child’s teachers so that you can be informed about their progress throughout the year.

Ask For Input
Our faculty and staff have decades of combined experience with students of all kinds. They’ve seen it all, and they’ve learned some of the tips and tricks for supporting private school students through their academic journeys. If you’re not sure how to help your child through this next semester, ask the professionals! If nothing else, they can give you ideas of what has worked for their past students in similar situations.

Find Resources
Whether your child’s issues are academic or behavioral, there are people and resources to help. From tutors to mental health counselors who specialize in working with children, there are people in our community with the resources you need to help your child thrive this year.

Private education is an ideal environment for students who are struggling as well as those who are excelling and everyone in between. If your child struggled during the first part of this year, there is still plenty of opportunities for her to have a successful year. For more information about supporting your child, or if you’d like to discuss joining the St. Barnabas School family, contact us today.

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