How To Determine The Right Source For Parenting Tips

When the world around you seems to be going absolutely bonkers it can be difficult to avoid that same chaos in our homes. So we do what we think is best and look for parenting tips that help us make the next best choice for our kids. But for any piece of parenting advice, you can find other experts giving the exact opposite advice. It’s enough to drive any parent mad, but what in the world is there to do about it?
Too much advice isn’t always the best tool for making parenting decisions. We recommend that you choose a handful of sources you can trust and turn to them when you need help in a specific area. Here are some guidelines you can use to determine from whom you’ll be accepting parenting tips in the future.

Are You Looking For Advice Or Confirmation?
First thing’s first, when you’re scouring the internet for advice ask yourself this question: do I need advice or confirmation? Meaning, do you have an idea of what you think is best and are simply looking for proof that you’re on the right track? Or are you stuck and looking for someone else to give you the next step? If you fall into the first category then maybe all you need is the courage to make the decisions that you already believe are right. And if you’re more in the “needing advice” camp, then you owe it to yourself to find an advice source that you can consistently trust.

Prioritize Your Personal Values
The most important thing to consider when choosing a source you can trust for parenting tips is that the individual or organization shares your personal values. For example, if your faith is a top priority in your life, you’ll want to look for resources that share the core values of your faith. If education is deeply important to you, look to teachers. If mental health is your focus, look to a psychologist. If you want advice that resonates with your core beliefs, search for a source that shares those beliefs.

Parenting tips are a dime a dozen. When it comes to getting the best advice to help you be the best parent you can, it’s important to find a source you can trust. If you’re on the lookout for a reliable source, feel free to contact us for some helpful resources. And as always, follow along on our blog.

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