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At St. Barnabas School we have the pleasure of educating children from kindergarten through eighth grade. And while it’s always sad to see our students age out and move on to high school, we do so with pride knowing that we have prepared them to be excellent students and community members in their next school.
We think that private school is an ideal environment for raising strong and mature students and we see time and again that our students flourish after leaving our campus.

Here are two ways in which a private school prepares your children for life after St. Barnabas.

Rigorous Academic Program
Our students tend to thrive in a high school environment because they are used to the academic rigor. Because our classes are small and our teachers are excellent we can meet our students right where they are, challenging those who are excelling and supporting those who need it. Academic rigor is a foundational feature in private schools and is part of the reason that our students succeed in higher education at a higher rate than their public school peers.

Strong Personal Values
The news is regularly splashed with stories about students in schools all over the country starting fights, getting involved in illegal activities, and some cases worse things than that. In private schools, our spiritual values are a central feature in everything we do. Not only do our students attend chapel each week, but we intentionally weave religious learning into every single school day. How does this apply to your child’s high school career? If, by 8th grade, your student has a strong set of personal values like honesty, kindness, and generosity they’ll be more likely to uphold them when they encounter challenging issues in high school.

If you watch the news at all you know that public high school can be a tough place. Kids these days are exposed to so much more “mature” content these days than they can handle and certainly more than we did as young people. But, regardless of the environment in public or private high schools, our experience shows that St. Barnabas students can remain above the fray because they are prepared academically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We are proud to produce successful middle school graduates who go on to be successful high school graduates and eventually successful adults. If you’d like your children to become members of our community, contact us today.

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