How Private School Builds Character In Students

At St. Barnabas we are deeply proud of our reputation for providing high quality and engaging education for our students. Our goal is to prepare them for their academic future, and we are very successful at that. But just as much as your child’s academic learning is a priority, so too is their character development. From kindergarten through eighth grade, we weave character and spiritual development into the curriculum and see the huge benefits it has for our students.
The Importance Of Building A Tribe
When so much of life seems to take place online, it’s easy for students to confuse connections made on the internet and social media with real community. While social media has its benefits and helps people to stay connected to loved ones, it isn’t a great way to build true community.

Unfortunately, many young people are never learning the skills that it takes to develop real, long term connections, but at St. Barnabas we place a strong focus on social and emotional development as tools to teach students empathy, conflict resolution, and relationship development. Becoming a person of great character requires the ability to live in relationship with other people, and private school is an excellent environment for students to practice these skills

Character Development Is A Commitment
Unlike most schools, character development is actually part of the curriculum at St. Barnabas. As our students come together and learn how to live and learn in community with one another they get a daily dose of development woven into each and every school day. From kindergarten through eighth grade our private school students dig into the Bible passage about the Fruits of the Spirit and learn how to implement them in their own lives. We are deeply committed to combining character development with academic development at all stages of our students’ educational journeys.

Building Strong Leaders
Our commitment to character development isn’t just about making St. Barnabas a great place to work and learn, we are preparing students for the future. Through our clubs and extracurricular activities, students learn to become leaders in their communities and they bring those skills with them even after they leave our campus and move on to high school. We believe that all students can become leaders and we are proud to provide a safe place for that development to take place.

At St. Barnabas School we take character development just as seriously as we do academic and spiritual development, and we believe that private school is the ideal place to put those lessons into practice. We see time and again how our students leave our campus and go on to lead great lives thanks to their strong skills and character. For more information about joining the St. Barnabas community, or to get a tour of our campus, contact us today.

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