How Private Education Benefits The Whole Family

Private education is a financial investment that some families aren’t sure about making. And while there is plenty of data to show the academic and future employment benefits of enrolling your children in private school, there are so many valuable benefits, the proof of which is often anecdotal. We talk a lot about the benefits of private education to the student, but we believe the benefits extend out to the entire family.
An Investment In The Future
Students who attend private schools on average score better on tests like the SAT which determine their ability to gain acceptance into college and in many cases earn money-saving scholarships. The money invested early on to put your children through a private education pays off in the long run as you save much more money per year on college tuition bills. Plus, as college admissions are getting more and more competitive, a great private school education and excellent test scores give students a higher chance of admittance into the college of their preference.

A Supportive Community For Parents
Parenting is hard, and it seems to be getting harder and harder as the pressures to achieve perfection at home, school, and work increase for both parents and their children. Another great aspect of private education is the close-knit community created by children, their parents, and even the faculty and staff. Particularly at Christian private schools where parents spiritual needs can be nurtured as their children’s are, we see moms and dads coming together to support families in need. Parents and their children are not just numbers in a sea of families as they might be in a large public school. In a small private school, each family is a valuable part of the community.

A Safe Place For Younger Brothers And Sisters
Starting in a new school can be hard, but knowing you are part of a loving community helps children transition more easily. Attending school feels safer for younger brothers and sisters who have been on campus for their older sibling’s recitals or basketball games, or even for church. Many of our families enroll multiple children in private school creating a network of families who know each other and provide a welcoming and loving environment for younger children to learn and grow.

At St. Barnabas we’ve had the pleasure of watching many families filter through our community and school. And we’ve seen firsthand the positive impact of membership in such a loving and close-knit academic community. If you’re looking for a place where your family can feel at home, we hope you’ll contact us today.

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