How Excellent Teachers Impact Education

When you think back on your childhood education you can probably think of at least one great teacher who left an indelible impression on you as a young person. Whether you’re imagining an elementary school teacher who taught you to love reading, or a high school teacher who set you on the path that eventually became your career, most people can point to at least one educator who made their lives better.
Of course, great teachers are not given, some schools have trouble attracting the very best. At St. Barnabas we are proud to have a huge team of excellent teachers and believe there are three major factors that determine which teachers make the biggest impact.

Mastery Of Skills
It goes without saying that not everyone has the skills to be an excellent teacher. It takes years of experience and dedication to develop the skills, and not everyone has the desire or inclination to reach that point. And those skills reach far beyond a teacher’s mastery of their subject, but also their ability to manage a classroom and nurture meaningful relationships with students and their families.

Projects Confidence In The Classroom
This next factor often comes along with the development of skills. Confidence in the classroom is a significant factor in whether or not students follow your lead. Children and adults alike can sense a lack of confidence from a mile away. When a teacher lacks confidence in himself, his students are not likely to be confident in him either. Even teachers who have less experience can project confidence by adapting the way they carry themselves and how they communicate within the classroom.

Shows Compassion To All Students
Children who struggle with their behavior in their homes or communities need healthy and supportive relationships to help guide them toward a better outcome. This is where compassionate teachers have been known to help children become successful and happy. Knowing that they can spend their days with a kind and compassionate adult can make a world of difference to struggling students. Of course, it can be difficult to enjoy the company of students who aren’t acting appropriately in class which is why compassion is such a critical factor in educator excellence.

At St. Barnabas School we focus on hiring teachers who are well rounded. They love their jobs and their students, and that is a special combination not easily found in all schools. If you’re looking for just such a teacher to mentor your student, come visit us today and meet some teachers as you take a tour of our campus.

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