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The Bryks’ Story

Cory Bryk is an incredible young man who has made a difference in many lives, including that of Bennett Tompkins, an alumni of St. Barnabas School. I first met Cory after Bennett suffered a life altering accident and was immediately taken with his compassion and calmness. He was incredibly encouraging and positive with Bennett. After learning Cory’s story, I understood.

Cory left his home in New York and joined the Marines. He served in Haiti and Iraq. As an infantryman, he saw some of the worst Iraq had to offer. Upon returning to the United States, when he had leave from Camp Lejeune, he would head to the Blue Ridge Mountains, away from the warrior way of life. He met his wife, Jenny during that time. Needless to say, he suffered dark times after his deployment, but Jenny and his faith helped to put him on the road to recovery.

Jenny is a native of Boone, NC and so they returned to the Highlands. Cory earned his BS in Agriculture with a major in sustainable farming. They leased 25 acres and that land has provided for them and their community for the past several years. They recently began the financing process to buy their own 40 acre farm.

They have 3 children and one on the way. Last year, their eldest daughter, now 5 year old, was diagnosed with leukemia. They have no insurance, but the community has donated over $20,000 toward their medical expenses. During all of this, they have remained faithful and positive. Their farm is New Life Farm.

February 22, while at church, their home burnt to the ground. They lost all but the clothes on their backs. Yet, they are truly thankful that The Lord placed them in a safe haven during what could have been disastrous.

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