Getting A Quality Middle School Education in Volusia County

As parents, there is a lot of thought that goes into the path that you want your children to take early on in their education and during the high school years. But what about those critical middle school years?

Perhaps you made the decision to send your child to one of the Volusia County public elementary schools, but are considering sending your child to a private middle school. The ideal time to make the transition to a private education is during the natural breaks in your child’s education, such as the move from elementary school to middle school.
Many parents looking to give their child a quality middle school education in Volusia County have chosen the private school route. Here is why:

Small Class Size

There are currently 24 public middle schools in Volusia County with an average student-to-teacher ratio of 17:1, which is higher than the state’s average 15:1 ratio. Naturally, these numbers make many parents concerned that their children will not get the attention and support needed from teachers during these fundamental years.

On the other hand, parents that choose a private middle school education for their children can help them to thrive in a much smaller class size. The small student-to-teacher ratio that private schools generally offer can allow your child to have a quality, hands-on learning experience, whether it’s during grades 6 through 8 or throughout his or her K-12 education.

High School Preparation

The middle school years are pivotal for setting your child up to have a successful high school career. Much of the molding during grades 6 through 8 gives your child the mindset and approach that he or she should take towards his education. The average test scores of a school are often a good indicator as to how seriously the teachers and students value their education. If you’re not happy with the test scores that your school offers, you may want to seriously consider a private education for your child.

Private schools instill high expectations towards education in their students, which helps to cultivate an environment of high achievers. If your child is surrounded by high achievers (especially during formative years like middle school), he or she is much more likely to be a high achiever as well. Putting your child in an educational environment where he is striving for his very best during his middle years will set him up for success in high school and beyond.

While a student can have a very positive experience transitioning from public to private school at any point in his or her education, making this transition during the middle school years can offer your child a number of benefits. If you are currently considering a private education for your child, we invite you to contact us at St. Barnabas Episcopal School to learn more about how our hands-on approach to learning sets our students up for academic success in the future.

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