Four Popular Positive Parenting Tips

There are as many parenting methods in the world as there are parents. But there is one style of parenting in particular that resonates with the parents of many of our students. Positive parenting is a method that begins with the belief that all children are ultimately good. It teaches parents that children want to do the right thing and simply need guidance to help them make the best choices. The goal is to establish trust, build self-esteem, and correct children without breaking them down.
This all sounds ideal in theory. Who wouldn’t want to engage with their children in this manner? But how do you actually integrate this method into your household? Here are four positive parenting tips that you can begin with today.

1. Demonstrate Appropriate Behavior
If your goal is to raise children who don’t yell or name call, you should focus on being a parent who doesn’t yell or name call. Our children learn how to behave from watching the way we behave. And when you maintain a calm and respectful demeanor with your children (even when they’re not responding in kind) you’re setting an example for them and encouraging them to rise to your level instead of dropping to theirs.

2. Take A Moment When You Need One
Our children are experts at pushing our buttons. They know just what to say to get a rise out of you and aren’t afraid to do it! If you’re going to be successful at positive parenting it is imperative that you learn to give yourself a time out. In the moments when you feel most heated, get in the habit of removing yourself as much as possible from the situation so that you can return with a level head.

3. Be Clear
Your children cannot read your mind. It may seem obvious to you that (insert delicate home decor item) is not a toy, but to them, it looks very inviting. Your children should know what your expectations are and the consequences for not meeting those expectations well in advance. When they understand how to act appropriately they make the choice to do so.

4. Misbehavior Has A Purpose
If we agree that children are inherently good, then it’s safe to assume that misbehaving children do so for a reason. A common example of this is the child that acts out to get attention from their parents, even negative attention. So instead of moving straight to discipline, positive parenting would suggest that you first take a moment to consider why your child is misbehaving in the first place.

Positive parenting is a kind and gentle approach to child-rearing. And when used consistently these positive parenting tips can help create a safe and healthy environment for your whole family. For more parenting tips, follow along on our blog. And to learn more about St. Barnabas School, contact us today.

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